March Madness: Chase Offers 10% Back for Hotel Stays and Car Rentals

Average Joe is on the prowl for the best credit card deals and this month’s big score is Chase’s 10% rebate on hotel stays and car rentals. I have not seen anything close to it this year and it appears to be the best of the credit card rebates this month. But, what, if any is the catch?

What’s the Catch?

In order to get the 10% rebate, you have to make your reservation through Chase Ultimate Rewards AND you have to have either use the Chase Freedom or Chase Freedom Unlimited credit cards. Okay, there are some caveats here. But, they are not that difficult.

Also, the offers is valid on purchases made March 1 – March 31, 2017, at 11:59 PM ET. So there are some time constraints on purchasing your stay (meaning you need to hurry up), although it does offer you the opportunity book now and stay later.

Does This Deal Get the Average Joe Seal of Approval?

I did a price check between Chase Ultimate Rewards, the Marriot App and Kayak in order to see which would offer me a better deal. Here are my results:

Marriott was offering a room at the Fairfield Inn in Waterloo, Iowa for March 13, 2017 for $126.00.  That is before any special discounts are applied.

Chase Ultimate Rewards was offering the same room at the Fairfield Inn in Waterloo, Iowa for March 13, 2017 for $129.40. However, once booked, you would get a 10% rebate or $12.94 returned in a credit card rebate.  The final costs for the same room is $116.46.

Kayak was offering the same room at the Fairfield Inn in Waterloo, Iowa for March 13, 2017 for $129.00.

Three travel booking services; three different rates. But which deal would Average Joe take?

And, The Average Joe Winner is

Chase Ultimate Rewards wins the Average Joe seal of approval!

Although you are paying a slightly higher price than dealing with Marriott directly, you will be rebated almost $13.00 in the long run and you can still use your Marriott Rewards number when you check into the Marriott to accrue additional reward points! This is a win-win deal!

Just remember, always do your homework, check and double check the various travel services and shop around to see who might offer you the best deal. But, spring is in the air, and it is time to start our travels. Check out the Chase Ultimate Rewards offer and see if it is right for you and get some travelling in. I know I have a big trip coming up and I will be at my happy place later this week, Walt Disney World!


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  1. I have been looking into my options in terms of travel. I recently got a promotion at work that requires heavy traveling for 6 months of the year. This means I need to see about saving time and money doing my travels. I was wondering about the Chase rewards and this post helped me out a lot, thanks! I am going to see what else your blog has to offer me in terms of advice.

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    1. A secured loan means you are offering collateral to “secure” your loan. If you default on the loan, the lender keeps your property. And, you still owe on the loan. Unsecured, means you have offered nothing in return for the loan. You can walk away with leaving the lender with nothing but a piece of paper. These types of loans are unsecured and the most expensive, for all but the best credit risks! Thanks!


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