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J. R. R. Tolkien said it best, “Not all those who wander, are lost.”

Average Joe Arbitrage was started by Eric J. Wynn an award winning writer and professional traveler who wanders around the United States travelling an average of 350 days a year.

To date, Eric has accumulated over 5,375 stays in Marriott brand hotels, earned over 6.6 million Marriott points, and stayed in over 131 cities with Marriott, placing him at the very pinnacle of their customer base.

Eric earns over one million airline miles, hotel points, car rental points, credit card rebates and credit card bonuses per year. In addition, he uses arbitrage to earn free food worth many thousands of dollars. These unique resources and traits allows Eric to travel at a moment’s notice to anywhere in the world, stay at the finest resorts, and enjoy unique experiences not available to the Average Joe.

Now, he is sharing those ideas with those who might be interested in doing the same.

Media Outlets

Eric has on occasion appeared in various media outlets promoting his brand of travel and credit card arbitrage and experinces. These outlets include, but are not limited to:

  • Yahoo! Eric has contributing scores of articles for Yahoo! Focusing on the American travel experience.
  • Trip Advisor – Eric is a prolific reviewer, sharing hotel, restaurant and activity insights from around America. Eric was recognized by Trip Advisor CEO Steve Kaufer, and was recognized as one of Trip Advisors most prolific reviewers.
  • With Five QuestionsConversations with creative people in business and the arts.
  • Blog Process Interviews with entrepreneurs and business startup philosophies.
  • Sweet Startups – Business and lifestyle blog focusing on the founders and their business philosophy and goals.
  • My Neon Green Notebook – Morissa Schwartz’s personal blog and recommendation to check out Average Joe Arbitrage.
  • – Kate Ashford’s article on money saving travel ideas.
  • Mobee – Mobee’s in-house blog on money earning techniques and methods utilizing their brand specific mobile app.

Media Input

Eric receives ongoing requests for traveler insite(s) and is a member of the following source aggregators:

  • Help a Reporter Out – Eric contributes his experiences and thoughts on a variety of topics helping fellow reporters, bloggers and influencers develop well researched articles.
  • USA Today Eric is a contributing Road Warrior; an individual who USA Today calls upon for input for travel articles.
  • Barclay’s Research Panel – Working with Barclay’s to provide insight into travelers wants and desires for more rewarding credit rewards programs.

Social Media

Eric loves to hear your ideas, comments and suggestions as well as sharing his. Please feel free to reach out and or follow along with Eric on:

Crypto Currency

In our first epoch of currency we bartered for those goods and services we desired. During the second epoch of currency, we traded gold and silver for those same things. In the third currency epoch, we began using paper chits, which we made worthless by printing ever more paper. The fourth currency epoch is now beginning. Where will you stand?


Eric welcomes media inquiries, corporate feedback, sharing travel insites and frosty beverages. Just, don’t talk to Eric about work…