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Low Cost Adventures around San Juan

The Port of San Juan plays host to an average of 500 cruise ship visits and over 2 million passengers a year. And, 25 years ago, I visited this great city. At that time, I did not have any money what so ever, but I learned to have fun with what I did have.

These days, I still don’t have much money, but, I travel the world and I am still having fun. And, like any Average Joe, you can too!

Here are some of my favorite low cost adventures for Old San Juan when you get off your cruise ship and want to explore the island of Puerto Rico. Each adventure is designed to be minimal in costs.

Casa Bacardi Distillery Tour – Located across the San Juan Bay, you can easily see the distillery from your cruise ship as you look to the north east. Here, the magic elixir of rum is distilled and aged, but not bottled. Thanks to the Jones Act, a bizarre law that regulates the importing of goods to and from Puerto Rico, aged rum is shipped to Jacksonville Florida where it is bottled, then shipped back to Puerto Rico for distribution. There are three tours-

Each of the tours gives you a welcome rum drunk in a souvenir tumbler. Each drink is handcrafted and honestly, the bar tenders are working hard for you to have an excellent handmade drink! No premade welcome rum punch here. Be patient, as the process can be a bit slow with everyone arriving.

Getting to the Distillery-

Castillo San Felipe del Morrow – The crown jewel of the Spanish empire in the New World was centered on fortress del Morrow. Here, the Spanish built a massive fortification that is well worth your time and energy if you are at all inclined toward visiting historical structures. This facility is run by the National Park Service and a is UNESCO World Heritage Site, as such it is an absolute value to get in and tour.

A series of additional fortifications were built around Old San Juan and these can be visited as well, however, Castle del Morrow is the most popular.

Getting to the Castle:

Through Old San Juan –

Disney Trivia –The Spanish castle at Pirates of the Caribbean is named after this fortress.

Living in the Condado area, this became my favorite Sunday morning ritual. I love this area.

One of the Old Town plazas-

Condado Lagoon

Part national park, part national treasure, Condado Lagoon is your go to spot for water activities. Whether it is just catching some sun, swimming, snorkeling, or kayaking, Condado Lagoon is your place to be outdoors if the historical district is not.

From the Port district, if you Uber, it should run you less than $10.00 to reach the Lagoon. Sidewalks and walkway encompasses the Lagoon and you can easily walk the circumference of the lagoon; I have done so numerous times without incident.

Along the east side of the lagoon is Ashford Ave. Ashford Ave has the hotel’s, condominiums, and restaurants that will have you thinking more Miami Beach than San Juan. Scattered among the five star hotels and million dollar condos are the kayak vendors and access points to the lagoon.

If you need a good starting point, or a destination to tell your driver, start with the Condado Hilton. The Condado Hilton has a public lagoon access that is extremely popular. Many families start here and will stay well into the evening enjoying the lagoon.

Standup paddle board and kayak vendors seem to average about $10.00 an hour for a piece of equipment. However, package deals abound.

Some vendors include:

Aqua Fitness – (787) 903-2141 (340) 344 – 4381

Parque Nacional Laguna Del Del Condado Jaime Benitez

Along, the eastern edge of the lagoon is Jaime Benitez National Park. A smaller national park than what you will find in the states. Kayak vendors, educational facilities and public bathrooms can be found here. A popular location due to available parking, local kayakers and paddle boarded launch from here while it seems the tourists focus around the Hilton.

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