Mobee and Average Joe 2.0

The Mobee ‘Mo Missions Mo Money’ blog post.

As I interact with my other Average Joes, I always get a few #Mobee comments; both good and bad. Some hate Mobee; others are ambivalent. But, let me be clear where I stand Mobee. I love the Mobee app!

So, I thought I would use this blog post to share a few of my tricks (and my frustrations) as close in on 600 completed missions for Mobee. And, I wanted to share a fun little video I did-

Mobee Pays– Mobee is not a quick rich app. It is however, a steady source of extra income. I have earned quite a bit of money with with this app. And, I have never had an issue with drawing down my money with their redemption model. I love redeeming money for gift cards and I always have a few dollars in the tank as an emergency account.

For my family vacation to Hawaii (2017) I redeemed five hundred of Mobee dollars for Disney gift cards which I used to pay down my Aulani bill; other dollars were redeemed for Target gift cards which I used for groceries on Hawaii. Mobee was truly a significant part of funding that vacation!

Hawaii 2017! Paid for in part by Mobee!

Travel Bonuses– One of my favorite ‘tricks’ is too make sure I always do a Mobee as far away from the last one I just did. Reason being, Mobee will pay a travel bonus. This allows me to maximize my payouts and very often making more on the bonus than the actual shop pays out.

Now, this technique may not work for everyone. I travel extensively for my work and for my personal travel. But, one of the very first things I do when I arrive in a new city, I start looking for a Mobee mission. I commit to doing that mission and in doing so, I receive a $5.00 travel bonus in addition to the mission payout.

Then when I return home, I knock out the closest mission to me and I pick up a second $5.00 travel bonus. So, in the course of two missions, I could easily earn about $15.00. A much higher return than an average two missions would pay.

Travel bonuses are graduated by distance, so experiment and I bet you will be very pleasantly surprised at how those bonuses add up.

Disappearing Missions– one of my greatest frustrations, and one I have shared with the Mobee team, is Missions that disappear upon my arrival. “But, wait, I just drove 20 minutes to get here.” What happens, Mobee has a certain number of quotas for certain types of shops. When that specific quota is reached, for those specific shops, the remaining shops will drop out of activation until They are reactivated.

I recommend just doing one ‘like shop’ a day. Several times I have been on a Secret shop run, and I drive 20 minutes, or more, just to find my shop deactivated. That is so frustrating. Trust me.

Mission Rejected– This happens to the best of us. Your in a hurry, the clerk is asking if you need help, the store manager is giving you stink eye, and you answer a question incorrectly. Yep, it happens. Your mission is rejected.

The best thing to do is get right back out and redo that mission; it is fresh in your mind, you have your rejected notes in an email and you know what you gotta do.

Mobee Appeals– if your mission is rejected, think about what you did wrong. Maybe, you did answer a question wrong. Maybe you took a wrong picture of an item. It’s gonna happen. But, if you think your right, appeal your mission rejection. I have won a few of my arguments. And, you can too.

Set Goals– I try and commit to doing a Mobee everyday. Obviously, I can’t always do a Mobee every day. But, that is the goal. Next, I set goals on what my Mobee money is to be used for. For example, right now my goal is too go back to Hawaii for another wonderful vacation. My Secret shopping money will fund a large portion of that trip. Thus, I need to do Mobee shops everyday.

Now, each goal fuels the other goal; If want to go to Hawaii, I better do Mobee shops and I better check the app every day to see what shops are near me.

Never Give Up- Winston Churchill said it best, “Never give up.” Making money is a slow process. If your in a hurry, get a second job. But, if not, and you just need some extra money for that fabulous vacation, Mobee is an app you can add to your bag of tricks.

As I write this blog post, I have over $500.00 in my Mobee account. So, don’t let naysayers sway you that you can’t make money with Mobee. I’m here to tell you CAN and WILL!

Mo Apps Mo Money – I don’t limit myself to one app for making money and neither should you. By combing multiple apps, you can dramatically increase your ‘shop’ cash returns. For example, whenever I do a shop, I always check to see if there is a help wanted sign that I can apply to Job Spotter. Any receipts I get are uploaded to Ibotta, Fetch and Receipt Hog. By adding these little efforts, I have found my total dollar’s returned for my efforts have risen dramatically.

Dual missions: Job Spotter and Mobee

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If you go to my home page, I have links for other apps and more referral codes meaning more money for you and a few bucks for me.

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