The Uber Credit Card: 5 Reasons You Need This Card

I have been breaking in my Uber branded credit card and I have come to the quick realization, every Average Joe needs this credit card and they need an Uber account. I do not normally endorse credit cards, but the Uber credit card is different and I think you honestly need this in your collection. Let me give you five reasons:

1. Rebates – The Uber credit card gives back an extraordinarily generous rebate on dining out, a whopping 4%. To my knowledge, no other credit card is that generous. For other categories 3% is rebated on hotel and airfare, 2% back on online purchases, and 1% back on all other. Now, these rebates go back to you in the form of Uber credits or you can request gift cards or cash. Me, I want the Uber credits, and will explain why shortly.

2. $100.00 in Uber Credits – Spend $500.00 with your Uber credit card in the first 90 days and receive a whopping $100.00 Uber credit. That’s free money Average Joes! And, you know how I feel about FREE! So, I am stockpiling my Uber credits for a rainy day.

Now, items #1 and #2 are fairly common in the credit card world rewards game. Nowadays, every credit card worth their salt is going to offer an incentive to use them. And, you could finds cards out there with higher payouts. But, the Uber card has some unique traits to it that I think are important for us Average Joes and which clearly differentiate it from others. Let me explain further:

3. Access to Mobility – As an Average Joe, I know what it is like when my car breaks down; mechanical issues, I get a flat tire, or I run out of gas. I have been there! With my Uber credit card, I know in an emergency I can go to my phone, tap a few buttons, and shortly thereafter have a ride. And, I know with my stockpiled credits, I always have money to pay for a ride. That’s important to me.

4. Credits Transfer – With my Uber app, I have the ability to send free rides to friends and family members. This is very valuable to me. I have a brother in law who is blind. Now, when ever I want, I can send him some credits and he can hail an Uber driver to take him about as needed.

Or, maybe you have a child in college and they need to get around. Say, after a party when they have had a few too many drinks. Wouldn’t you rather have the option of giving them a free ride by Uber as opposed to the police?

This capability to help others I care about is important to me. And, I bet as you think about it, you know people you can help also.

5. Earn Uber Credits – Average Joe is for helping others. And, all about earning some greenbacks for himself. This is not a binary arrangement; we can do both! With our Uber account, you can refer friends, family and even distant relations (as well as complete strangers) a credit toward a free Uber ride. When they ride, you get a $5.00 credit in return. That is a sweet deal in my Average Joe mind!

There you go, as promised, 5 reasons why you need an Uber account and an Uber credit card

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Something for you! Something for me! That’s the Average Joe way!