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25 Money Making Phone Apps

I have here a list of verified apps, techniques and hacks that will save your hard earned money and put that money right back into your pocket to spend on yourself and your family. Each of these techniques has been used by me and my family. Each of these work. And, each of these can be shared with others so that you can help them save more money and make more money and then YOU can earn a referral fee in the process.

The apps are broken out by categories:

I have also included:


The Average Joe Rating System

I have assigned each of these apps a rating based on how much money I make from them in a year. You can earn more. You can earn less. It depends on how much you apply yourself here. Honestly, the sky is the limit. I know people making thousands of dollars a month on some of these apps.

On September 17, 2018 one person even made $100,000.00 on one of them!

Literally, you control your destiny once you start the harnessing power of apps and hacks.

My ratings are as follows:

$ = I make less than $100.00 per year with this app.

$$ = I make between $100.00 and $1,000.00 per year with this app.

$$$ = I make over $1,000.00 per year with this app.

 Grocery Rebates

You have to eat. So why not earn cash rebates on the groceries you eat? Here is a hacking trick for you, use more than one app at a time for double or triple the rewards! Here are my favorite rebate apps:

#1 Ibotta – Still my number one grocery saving app, Ibotta has never let me down! Just load your rebates, scan your barcodes, photograph and upload your receipt. I often get paid within hours. I have used Ibotta at Target, Walmart, Hy-Vee and a host of other retailers. Use my referral code, and get an extra $10.00. My referral code – qffkbsh

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating$$       Referral Value to You – $10.00

#2 NCP Mobile – This apps requires a bit of work. They ask that you scan each barcode and submit the price paid for the items. If you buy a lot of groceries, this could take a while, but it would be significantly more rewarding. No referral code.

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $

#3 Receipt Hog – A simple app, but one of my favorites! Simply scan the receipt and let the app do the rest. One of the fun aspects of the app is they have a slot machine component build in allowing you to win on occasions more “reward coins.” I have a lot of fun with it! Referral code – stim9042

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $             Referral Value to You – 10 spins on the slot machine

#4 Fetch Rewards – A crazy simple App to use, just scan your receipts and reap your rewards. A host of popular companies have offered up rebates with Fetch. My referral codeNC9EP

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $      Referral Value to You – $2.00

#5 Checkout 51Similar to Ibotta, simply pick your rebates and scan your receipts. No referral code noted. Watch for opportunities where you can use Checkout 51, Fetch and Ibotta for a triple dip!

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $      


Retail Rebates

The first rule of consumerism, Do Not Pay Retail. Here are my favorite retail shopping apps:

#6 Retail Me Not –A nice blended rebate app that offers both retail and restaurant rebates and coupons. No referral code here. This is an app that I do not use much, however, for those who like shopping a lot, and shopping at outlets such as malls, they could find this app very rewarding!

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $

#7 DO$H – Big box stores are using DO$H, Sam’s Club, World Market and Forever 21 are some of the few of the major retailers using this app. Here you link a credit card or debit card to your DO$H account. My referral codetEW72PA50P

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $                                                          Referral Value to You – $5.00

#8 Shopkick – Oh, I love my Shopkick. I mean, I just love getting paid to window shop! Major retailers use Shopkick just to get people to walk into their doors. Some retailers include; Marshalls, Best Buy, and Walmart.

My referral codeCOOL557908

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $                                                        Referral Value to You – 250 Kicks

#9 EBATESif you launch the app, then make your purchases as you would normally through Amazon, Bannana Republic, Finish Line and dozens of other online retailers, EBATES pays you a rebate fee from 1% upwards to 10%. This is a simple app to use and allows you to save even more money by tapping into name brand companies that have already earned your trusts. The referral fee is crazy good also!

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $                                                            Referral Value to You – $25.00

#10 Drop A linked card app, simply link your accounts and forget about it! Watch for their affiliate companies to score even more rebates as purchase goods and services. My referral code – 2qk8Y

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $                                                              Referral Value to You – $1.00

Simple Money Making Apps

Every day, I make extra money. Every. Single. Day….

Here are my favorite apps to help me do just that:

#11 Job Spotter – With the American economy sizzling along right now, Help Wanted signs are EVERYWHERE! Using the Job Spotter app, I simply take two photos; one of the help wanted sign and one of the store front and then upload the phots I average about $.50 per Help Wanted Sign. Job Spotter is the easiest money making app out there! Job Spotter does not have a referral code, so, just download, and get out there and start taking pictures. You can thank me later! Note, top Job Spotters are earning hundreds of dollars a month with this app! And, they have a monthly competition with first place being worth $300.00!

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $$

#12 Dabbl – This is a newer app that I am experimenting with. I watch a commercial and get paid a nickel. Not much, but, if I got nothing else going on; I am sitting on the bus; I will watch a few commercials. My referral code – hPqqgASRHRSeynXt9

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $                                                            Referral Value to You – $0.25

#13 Mobee – A secret shopper app, this is my oldest and most favorite of my money making apps. I have done over 630 secret shops for Mobee as of this article being written! And, have earned thousands of dollars with Mobee. Mobee was my very first money making app and it really set me on the path to learning how to use apps to make more money. My referral code – RGTB

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $$$                                                          Referral Value to You – $3.00

Sports Apps

I was never a sports fan. That is until I learned I could make money doing it. And, have tons of fun yelling at the television. Here is my go to sports App:

#14 FanDuel – I love fantasy football. I mean, I really LOVE betting and FanDuel enables me to do just that. I love picking my team roster and then cheering on my players each week during the season. The unique aspect of FanDuel, is you can play for upwards of MILLIONS of dollars in some games. That is some serious coin by any ones measure. And, it is way more fun than the lottery! You can build your own league or you can participate in pre-established leagues. Invite your friends and have a party! My referral code is hyperlinked in the red as it is very long.

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $                                                     Referral Value to You – $25.00

Wandering Earl, the travelling nomad in a shared car.

Transportation Apps

I have really fallen in love with the shared car concept. Honestly, if you are in an urban area, why own a car? Save the hassles. Save the costs. Let your feet do the walking. And, for the longer drives, hire a driver. Also, in my younger days, I knew what it was like having a car broken down; flat tires, water pump out, dead battery. It sucks. So, I use the transportation apps like insurance. I always have them. And, I made sure all my family members loaded them on their phones and have them ready to use. Just in case.

Here are my two favorite apps:

#15 Uber – With Uber, the secret here is applying for an Uber credit card so you can begin to accumulate some serious rebates with their very rewarding branded card through Barclay’s. I am earning hundreds of dollars in rebates with their credit card for my normal purchases which then allows me to take free rides. Share your referral code with your friends and family and you can earn a referral fee of $5.00 for each friend who takes a ride. My referral code – ericw21190ue

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $$                                                               Referral value to you $5.00

My ladies enjoying a Minnie van!

#16 Lyft – First cousin to Uber, I have only used this service twice. And, that was at Walt Disney World trying out their Minnie Van Service. And, I loved it! Compared to Uber, the referral fee is crazy rewarding, a full $20.00. If you are going to use Uber, I would augment the app with Lyft, so that you have two given choices at any given time. My referal code, WYNN03828

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $                                                           Referral Value to You – $20.00


Survey Apps

Surveys are a great way to way to make some extra coins while sitting on the bus, waiting for your dinner at a restaurant, or, while drinking a cup of coffee on a quiet Sunday morning. Surveys can run from a few minutes to about thirty minutes in length. The nice thing is you are in control of your time and can pick and choose those surveys that you want to participate in. There are many survey companies out there. Here are two of my favorites:

#17 Surveys (Surveys on the Go) – I don’t get many surveys through this app, but, I have been very happy with my payouts. This app does not appear to have a referral code. Some surveys are a bit longer. I also enjoy that on occasion I get to see movie trailers before they are released and am able to give my opinion about upcoming movies. And, get paid for it!

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $                                                  

#18 Inbox Dollars These folks always have a plethora of surveys with varying amounts of money for your time. However, one frustrating aspect is they can often ask a number of questions as they vet you and suddenly they say, “Oops, you’re not qualified.”

Again, this is a good app to do while you are sitting on a bus or killing time. I do not have a referral code noted for this app.

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $                                   



Have you ever watched Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy and thought to yourself, I could do that. Well, with online app games, you can do just that. There are a number of game apps available, but, I only focus on one:

#19 HQHQ is the rapid fire 12 trivia question game show that is an absolute blast to play. The best way to play this is in a group setting. HQ will ask such a wide arrangement of questions, that it is hard to know them all, so the more friends and family that you have around you, the better the odds are of you winning. Cash is paid nightly! And, the payouts can be substantially high!

On September 17, 2018 one special game was sponsored by Target with a cash prize of $100,000.00, winner take all! I had the privilege of playing, but fell out at question 15.

Most HQ games are played with a pot of $5,000.00 and then the collective winners split the pot. Depending on the number of winners, the prize pay outs can range from $1.00 to almost $100.00 on average. This is really a fun game and one I play nightly with my family.

My referral code, ericwynnus

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $                                    Referral Value to You – A free “game life.”                                

Working Out

Every one of us, needs to move our bodies more. Sitting has become the new smoking and to be honest with you, I sit a lot. So, as I shoot past 50 years of age, I have committed to moving my body lots more. But, I still want to make money. So, I found three apps that are willing to pay us to move and get sweaty! These are:

#20 StepBet – This is a fun competition where you ante up $40.00 to participate in a group step challenge. In my current challenge, I have 40 people competing for a share of $40,000.00. The challenge lasts six weeks. Each week StepBet assigns you a set of goals to reach; two “power days” were you have to push yourself a bit further and four days of “active days;” mildly active days.

You get one day off for rain or rest. If you do not make your goals, you drop out of the challenge, and your $40.00 is divided among the “winners.” Thus, the pot is potentially very lucrative. Hypothetically, if everyone but me dropped out of my challenge, and I met all my goals, I could win $40,000.00. That has got my attention!

To compete, you simply sync the app with a step counter, I use Fitbit. Each day I have to walk about 12,000 steps on my “Active days” and 14,500 on my “Power days.” This is about what I walk normally.

This app really pays into my competitive nature and I am really enjoying it. Susanne, who recommended the App to Average Joe used it extensively and found she always won money with it (about $10.00 extra as well as getting her initial $40.00 back).

With the 6 week game cycles, you could compete 8 times a year. Possibly earning about $80.00 based on Susanne’s experience. The game does have a “professional” membership, where you can compete in more than one game at a time. I will have to update you all on that one. No referral code here.

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $

#21 Achievement – This is a simple app that you simply sync with your step counter, I use Fitbit. The app simply monitors your physical activity to include your food intake, water intake, sleep and physical activity. It then calculates out reward points for your collective activity. For example, I earn about 60 points a day for my normal activity. The app also offers health related surveys you can compete for extra points. Every 10,000 points equals a $10.00 payout.

So, with my normal physical activity, I figure I will earn $10.00 every 5-6 months. Or, $20.00 per year. It is not much, but it is free money just for doing what I need to be doing! No referral code here.

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $ 

#22 Sweatcoin – This is a fun app that combines sweating with their own brand cryptocurrency. Like the first two, download the app and sync it with a step counter. Each 1,000 steps equals a Stepcoin. You can then accumulate the Stepcoins and redeem them within their marketplace for goods.

Now, what really impresses me, is a secondary market for Stepcoins has formed up and I am seeing people who are willing to buy them for $.02 a coin. On average I earn about 14 coins a day so if I wanted to sell them, this would equate into 14 coins x $.02 = $.28 cents a day x 30 days = $8.40 a month or $100.00 a year. Personally, I am holding out to cash my sweat coins in for their gift cards to Starbucks.

Sweatcoin does have a referral bonus! If you use my referral code, we will both get 5 Sweatcoins.

Eric’s Sweatcoin referral code is eric901108

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $$                                           Referral Value to You – 5 “Sweatcoins.”                                


Income from Social Media

The next generation of social media is emerging. The first era belonged to the likes of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Now, the second generation of social media companies are evolving with the intent of working with you, the content providers, to share revenue that is generated from your posts, pictures, contents, friends and the business that you refer to their respective networks.

So powerful is the hold of the big three, the only way for these new social media platforms to emerge and to establish a presence is to share revenue with the users. This means an amazing opportunity for you if these business models are successful. Here are two I am participating in:

#23 Earn – Earn allows you to receive Bitcoin for taking part within their network and becoming a contributing member to the system. You can earn Bitcoin by taking surveys, participating in corporate research or if you are established in your field, by answering questions. The more value you bring to the table, the better the rewards are for you. If you just sign up, you will earn $1.00 worth of Bitcoin. I do not have a referral code for this one.

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $                                    

#24 WebtalkWebtalk is building a social media platform that is very similar in look and feel to Facebook. Here you posts your thoughts of the day, pictures, or any other “material” that you desire to share with your network. What separates Webtalk from the others is that they have developed a commission platform that will reward you for those individuals that join the community and then eventually spend money within the platform.

For example, you are so impressed with the platform, that you recommend your best friend Bob to start using it because Bob hates using the other social media platforms. Well, Bob happens to own a restaurant, so he decides he will take out an ad on the platform. You, get a referral commission for Bob spending money. Multiple Bob by tens, hundreds and even thousands and suddenly you seem some serious potential here.

At the time of this post being written, WebTalk was adding more than 10,000 users a day and building steam fast. Imagine if you had joined Facebook when they had less than a million users. Facebook now has billions of users.

A second advantage to using Webtalk are those coveted search engine backlinks. If you have a social media brand, the more backlinks you have recorded within the ethos of the internet, the more advantageous those backlinks are to promoting your brand to search engines.

Using Webtalk, I have personally seen a huge increase in my web traffic to my Average Joe Arbitrage blog site.

My Webtalk is noted and hyperlinked here: Webtalk referral link

***As of September 17, 2018, this platform is so new, I have not yet made any money off of it.


Crypto Currency

I believe there are some fundamental reasons to buy and hold crypto currency. But, this is not for everyone. Crypto currency is different than the currencies of the past. You cannot hold it. You cannot see it. You cannot touch it. And, thus a lot of people refuse to accept it. Furthermore, without achieving world wide scale, the currency remains highly volatile and in flux. But, once you begin to study its applications and possibilities, you see the potential here. I will need to do a complete book on cryptocurrency and the various ways to mine, earn, and save crypto currency, but for now, I just recommend buying and holding for the long term. Here is who I recommend:

#25 Coinbase – Coinbase is an American based crypto currency exchange that allows you to buy and sell a select group of crypto currency. Not all currencies are traded here, just the primary ones to include; Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin. I am sure others will be added in time. But, for now, this seems to be enough. Connect your Coinbase account with your credit cards or bank accounts and you can be trading crypto within minutes. If you use my referral code (Hyperlinked here)  and once you trade or purchase $100.00 worth of crypto currency, you will receive a $10.00 in Bitcoin referral.

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $                                 Referral Value to You – $10.00 in Bitcoin



Saving Money

Saving money is hard. Trust me, I know how hard it is: we have bills to pay, gasoline to buy, car payments to make, clothes to purchase, children to feed. It can be very tough at every stratus of life.

I recommend you put your savings on autopilot and “just forget about it.” I have found this is the only thing that works for me.

Here is the easiest app I have found for saving money:

AcornsIs an app you set up and forget about. You link it with your bank accounts and credit cards or debit cards. It allows you to earn money with four different strategies:

Rounding Up

I spend a lot of money on a daily basis. I stop and get a coffee in the morning. I might eat out lunch with my coworkers at noon. I catch an Uber ride to a meeting. I stop and pick up my dry cleaning on the way home. I take my girls out for an ice cream. Yes, my daily spending habits are that I spend money. Lots of money. And, I spend money throughout the day.

Acorns allows me to link a credit or debit card and then it goes to work in the background. Each time I use my credit card, Acorns rounds upwards to the next even dollar. So, if I buy a coffee from my work cafeteria for $.79, Acorns rounds up that to $1.00 and then invests the $.21 into an investment account. I don’t notice the $.21 cents as it is so small, but, as I do this several times a day and those cents begin to add up.

Establishing Multipliers

You can adjust your investment multiplier factors within Acorns to save even more money. With my coffee example, I currently have my round up factor set to 2x. So, that $0.21 becomes $0.42 deducted from my credit card or other linked account and then saved and deposited into my Acorns investment account.

You can set your multiplier factors as high as 10x. 10x is a bit high for this Average Joe, but 2x is just fine with me.

Recurring and One-Time Deposits

Acorns also allows you to deposit money on a one time basis or on a recurring basis. For my account, I set it up that $5.00 would be drawn out and deposited each week. In this way, I am not going to miss a $5.00 withdraw from my accounts, but, it really boosts my savings rate each week.

Found Money

Found money is the best money! That moment of exhilaration of finding money you forgot all about and you think to yourself, “It’s my lucky day!” Acorns knows how that feeling feels and they have established partnerships with over 250 brands to provide you extra money on things you are already spending money on! For example-

My Acorns referral code of FMJYHF.

Average Joe Arbitrage Earn Rating – $$                                                       Referral Value to You – $5.00


Super Hacks

Super Hacks are my gift to you! These are unique shopping hacks/tools I have used/developed/found to acquire goods and/or services from retailers to me, the Average Joe, for FREE or near FREE. Once you start seeing how you can piece them together, I am sure you will discover some I have yet to think about. Please Enjoy!

Super Hack #1 – Sam’s Club Membership

Our goal here is to get a NEW Sam’s Club Membership for FREE by app stacking. App stacking is the art of using more than one app to get multiple rebates on a product or service.

You will need to load five or more apps onto your phone or smart device. If you don’t have them yet, please use my referral codes and both of us will get a bonus. The apps for this Super Hack are:

App One – Check your Ibotta app, occasionally they have a new Sam’s Club Membership rebate for $10.00 loaded into the app. It requires using a referral code during sign up. Purchase your New Sam’s Club Membership, using the referral code. If you do not have an Ibotta account, use my referral code, qffkbsh and set one up and you will receive an additional $10.00 bonus.

App Two – Acorns is offering a $10.00 rebate into your investment account, once you purchase your membership with a linked card. The trick here is you will need to download the Acorns app and link a credit card. If you do not have an Acorns account, use my referral code, FMJYHF, set up an account, and you will receive an additional $5.00 bonus.

App Three – DO$H is offering a $20.00 rebated into your DO$H account. The trick here is need to use a linked card and the same linked card as the one used in Step Two. If you do not have a DO$H account, use my referral code, i2elo5Nj6P?f=r to set up an account, and you will receive an additional $5.00 bonus.

App Four – DROP is offering 30 points per dollar spend. When you purchase your membership at $45.00 you will receive 1,350 points into your DROP account. Again, the trick here is need to use a linked card and the same linked card as the one used in Step Two and Step Three. This rebate, albeit small, is equivalent to about $1.35. If you do not have a DROP account, use my referral code, 2qk8y, and you will receive a $1.00 bonus.

App Five – SHOP KICKS is offering 2,500 points for a new Sam’s Club membership. This is equivalent to $10.00. For this app to work, you will need to photograph and submit the receipt within the app. If you do not have a Shop Kicks account, use my referral code, COOL557908 set up an account, and you will receive an extra 250 Kicks.

Now, walk into your nearest Sam’s Club, walk up to the customer service desk and tell them, “I would like a new membership….” Ten minutes later, your membership is in hand. Now, before you go onto your shopping spree, sit down and scan the receipt into the above apps that require it. Now, that is done. Get your industrial size buggy, grab a Coke and get to shopping! Let the apps do their work and soon, rebates will be pouring into your accounts.

The Reward

With the above noted apps, the possible rebates you can earn sums up to $51.35….Or, a $6.35 PROFIT on your NEW membership which cost you $45.00. You just got paid to go shopping!

If your new to the apps and use my referral codes, you will profit another $21.00 on your New Sam’s Club membership.

***Average Joe Note – As retailer advertising campaigns and rebate programs change, you have to watch what apps are offering this particular rebate. It is possible that more or less apps will be offering this promotional rebate at any given time.

In total, you could walk away with as much as $72.35 in rebates for getting a new Sam’s Club Memberships just by applying the above apps and referral bonuses.


Super Hack #2 – Grocery Store Free Food Hack

Free food and lots of it!

Average Joe Arbitrage Note – Supermarkets are often very regionally based. The hack that I have developed and use at the Hy-Vee Grocery, a Midwestern grocery store chain, may or may not work where you live. But, study the principles here and if you see a similar promotion being run by your local grocery store give it a try.

Hy-Vee is a Midwestern grocery store that offers full service restaurants, gas stations, liquor and groceries in a convenient one stop shop. As the holidays approach, they offer a special that if you buy a $50.00 Hy-Vee gift card, you can earn a $10.00 Hy-Vee restaurant gift card, the catch being that the restaurant gift card is only redeemable within the Hy-Vee full service restaurant, not their quick service food stations.

This is a common promotion in the food industry, spend XXX amount dollars on a gift card and Get YYYY back as a gift. The retailer gets your dollars upfront, in turn for a product to be purchased at a later date. So watch all of your favorite eateries for similar like-minded promotions as the holidays approach!

There is a lot you can do with this promotion, not just for yourself, but for others. And it has endeared me to the Hy-Vee Grocery Store Chain. I have given many of these $10.00 gift cards away as a tip or thank you to people in the service industry. I have treated many of my friends to dinner with them. And I have fed my family multiple times with them. I personally have eaten hundreds of meals courtesy of Hy-Vee. And, noted them on my Facebook and blog pages.

The steps for this hack are as follows:

Step One – Watch for the gift card special to be posted in store.

Step Two – Go into the restaurant, buy the $50.00 gift cards. I buy thousands of dollars’ worth of these cards. You however, may want to buy smaller amounts until you get comfortable with the process.

Step Three – Liquidate your Hy-Vee $50.00 gift cards. You can do this several ways:

Step Four – As you liquidate your Hy-Vee gift cards and replenish your cash, repeat the process.

Step Five – Enjoy your FREE Hy-Vee dinners paying with your gift cards. Leave a great tip for a great staff!

BONUS – Watch the Ibotta app for a Hy-Vee “any item” rebate. This rebate is worth about $0.25. When you get your dinner receipt, scan the receipt into your Ibotta app and you will get a $.25 “any item rebate” for your effort. Then pay with your $10.00 gift cards, which should result in a free meal. With your Ibotta/Hy-Vee rebates, you may literally have just gotten paid to eat!

I have earned thousands of dollars of Hy-Vee gift cards using this process and happily spent them all on family, friends, strangers and myself!


Super Hack #3 – Free Cash and Airline Miles from Credit Cards

Credit card companies are engaged in a ruthless battle to gain customers and market share. They can only offer two things to us the consumer to gain our loyalty; low rates and/or rewards. If you do a search of rewards credit cards you will find a whole host of banking companies offering YOU cash back rebates or tens of thousands of rewards points for your purchases. These reward points are often enough for two people to fly anywhere within the United States.

However, you have to meet a certain minimum threshold within a specified period of time. This requires organic spending, which is simply naturally spending as you normally do, or, manufactured spending, which is forced spending in order to reach required credit card thresholds.

Below are some examples currently being offered at the time of this writing:

(Note- I do not make any referral fees from banks or credit card companies noted here)

Now, how do you make these spending minimums? We will use the same techniques as we used in our Hy-Vee food hack. The steps are:

Step One – Find your desired credit card rebate and find the one that is most advantageous to you. Apply for the credit card.

Step Two – Begin to organically spend buying groceries, gas, and going to restaurants. However, you may need to do some manufactured spending if you cannot organically spend enough to get to your spending minimum. If so, go to step three.

Step Three – Go into a gas station, grocery store, or retailer and begin buying $500.00 Visa or Mastercard gift cards. These are known as cash equivalents. Treat them as such!

***Be advised, due to unscrupulous individuals, many retailers have been burned by this process and now many are requiring cash or debit card purchases as opposed to credit card purchases for gift cards. It is imperative that you do a lot of reconnoitering of your local retailing environment to find credit card “friendly” stores.

Step Four – Now you will need to liquidate your cash equivalents by going to a retailer who will allow you to use your purchased debit Visa or Master card to purchase a money order for the full value of the card.

Step Five – Take your money order and deposit this into your bank. Pay off your credit card. And, repeat until you have met your spending minimum(s).

Step Six – Make sure you continue to organically spend on your new credit card as you manufacture spend, eventually working your way towards your cash or airline miles rebate.

Step Seven – Enjoy your reward!

I have earned many thousands of dollars and free airline flights using these techniques.

And, send me a picture of you in First Class!


First class to the Bahamas baby!

These Apps and Strategies are Just the Beginning!

We are the Average Joes of the world and we like our dollars. We want to keep our dollars. And, thru smarter efforts on our part, we will!

Every day, new apps, new Hacks, new rebates, new coupons, and new ways of making money are emerging as developers, retailers, manufacturers and service providers scramble to find ways to separate you from your hard earned dollars and take them from you and put them in their pockets.

Our goal, is to minimize this by being smarter and finding the occasional chink in their armor!

I have shared with you some of those apps and techniques that are successful for me. You will find others. Some of these apps you will find out about before I do and you can let me know about them!

Please follow the Average Joe Arbitrage blog site help us grow so we can help you!

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In Summary

I have recommended 25 different apps to you.

If you were to download them all and use my referral codes and follow through with the app requirements: do a mission/make a purchase/enroll/refer a friend,

You will earn a whopping –


But, honestly, the limits of how much you make are up to you!

I always look forward to your feedback and your comments and value everyones friendship!

Average Joe

Wandering Earl – Wandering Earl is an amazing world traveller who excels at foreign travel and thriving wherever he goes. He shares his techniques and his travels on his amazing blog. Check him out when you get a moment.

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