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Disney’s Minnie Vans Score!

I have taken my last bus ride at Disney World. Yes, mark it down on the books, after three decades of busing around our beloved Magic Kingdom, it is time to embrace the next evolution of passenger comfort, the new Disney’s Minnie Vans, working in conjunction with Lyft.

For years I have lamented missed busses, long waits in the heat, and the cramped and crowded buss conditions we Disneyophiles have had to endured moving between the parks and hotels. Even worse, passengers yelling at buss drivers after a long day in the parks who are doing their very best to move the tens of thousands of guests. And, if you are reading this article, I know you can relate to my complaints. And, it seems to be getting worse.

Well, Disney has a new option if your willing to pay for a little pampering.

Working in conjunction with Lyft, Disney has launched a paid rider service within the Walt Disney World community. Using Chevrolet Traverses, painted to match Minnie Mouse, the cars are clean, the drivers polite, and the service quick and flawless. I will not go back to the busses now that I have experienced the service.

Happy family, happy life!

To use the service, first download the Lyft app and create an account. If you use my referral code, WYNN03828, you will get a $20.00 credit, that’s an Average Joe score for you (and a referral fee for me)!

When you are in the Walt Disney World and are ready to go to the park, open the app, and you will see several options for types of service; Economy, Extra Seats, Minnie Van, and possibly others. Pick Minnie. This gets you the specific Disney-Lyft service. Any others will get you a regular Lyft driver. I made this mistake on my first try.

The fee is a flat $25.00. You can add a tip for the driver.

The family and I waited maybe 6 minutes from the time I requested the service at the Animal Kingdom Lodge till pick up at the lodge front door.

The driver gave us a quick safety briefing, popped in a Disney CD for some Disney tunes as we rode over, and talked to us the whole ride over explaining the service, making suggestions to enhance our park experience and enlightening us with Disney trivia. Our driver explained the service is now park wide and will soon include airport runs. They can accommodate six passengers.

The Minnie Van driver can take you right to the Magic Kingdom Bus loop. The Lyft/Uber drivers have to drop you off at the Contemporary Hotel and then you walk over to the park.

I was throughly happy with my Minnie van experience as well as my family.

Later that night, we took the bus back, one last time. We were hot, we waited 32 minutes as the bus loaded, while listening to the driver trying to get people to move back and make room for more guess. Yes, we were assholes to elbows. For the last time.

For us Average Joes, I highly recommend trying the service to enhance your experience at Walt Disney World. You are paying a lot of money too be there, so enjoy a little pampering while you can. Use my referral code, WYNN03828 and get a $20.00 credit towards Lyft.

Average Joe

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Hot and sweaty, I wished I had ordered a Minnie Van for the family for the way back!
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