We Don’t Have to be Average.

The Average Joe is not just a movie meme. Average Joes are the common folk of the world; they average a salary of $32,000.00 a year, most do not have a college degree, and most likely work in an office turning small piles of paper into ever larger piles of paper.

But, just because we may be Average does not mean we have to live an average life.

This blog explores those ideas on how to make your life less average and put more money, more travel, and more adventure into your Average Joe life!

Need some extra money? We got ideas for making extra money!

You want champagne and caviar, but your stuck drinking beer and eating jerky. We got ideas on how to live the high life!

Want to quit working for the man and start being the man? We got inspiration for you!

We may be Average Joes in spirit, we just choose not to live like the Average Joes!