Average Joe Gear

Average Joe loves the gear… Hardworking tools, tackle and gadgets that scream out, “Do something. See the world. Go explore. Don’t leave home without me.” If you are interested in Average Joe approved gear (sweat not included), here are my recommendations:

Luggage –

The Duluth Trading Post “Bashful Billionaire Briefcase.” A rugged leather case that fits perfectly in airplane overhead bin, carries my lap top and my IPad and leaves plenty of room for a book or two. My whole life is contained in this case. When I go on adventure, my Billionaire Briefcase is there with me.


The Duluth Trading Post Fire Hose Bulldozer Backpack is my go to backpack. Sometimes, I need a bit more gear when I travel or I need to leave the Billionaire Briefcase behind when in the field. The Fire Hose Bulldozer Backpack provides me plenty of storage room, in a hardy case that is not prone to ripping or snagging. Yes, I like my stuff tough. Tough like Joe.



Whether I am offshore fishing for a big ol’ fish, or enjoying a free meal thanks to arbitrage, you will find this Average Joe wearing hats. Preferably, ball caps to be precise, and they have to be emblazoned with Average Joe Arbitrage across the cap. And nothing screams self-promotion like wearing your own ball cap and listening to someone in the crowd yelling out, “Hey, it’s Average Joe.”

“Why, yes I am.” And, soon you can wear one too.

Average Joe Arbitrage
Average Joe is working for you!