Joes You Should Know…

As Average Joe moves about America and beyond, on occasion, he meets and/or interacts with amazing people who excel in their chosen field, live remarkable lives, and are working to make a difference in the world. Average Joe is proud to know these people and I am sharing their stories with you so that you too can be inspired.

Patty Webster – Patty Webster founded and currently runs Amazon Promise, an all volunteer group who delivers medical and dental care to the indigenous peoples of the Upper Amazon Basin. Amazon Promise is the only non-profit group that I contribute to monthly. Patty organizes yearly trips of volunteers to go into the Amazon to participate in delivering health care and see first hand the positive impacts of what a life of caring can mean.

Wandering Earl – Wandering Earl, whose real name is Derek Earl Baron, lives a remarkable nomadic life traveling the world and making a living in the process. Earl provides amazing first hand knowledge and his insight into exotic locations such as New Zealand, Sri Lanka, East Timor and many, many more.

Earl has even been kidnapped. And, he explains what happened, what went wrong and what went right in that harrowing experience when you have no one to rely on but yourself. Yes, those things really happen to Americans traveling abroad.

But, Earl focuses on the good in society and his amazing stories of kind hearted people far out number his bad experiences. If you have ever thought about the nomadic lifestyle, Wandering Earl is a must read!