Stuff You Need: Points, Money, Miles…

Don’t Keep this information safe, don’t keep it a secret…

Are you looking to save more money or earn more money for an amazing trip?

Here are some of the apps that I use to do just that. I have tried and tested each one of these services and will vouch for them each and every day:

Ibotta – Cutting and clipping coupons is now a thing of the past. Ibotta make rebates as simple as buy, snap a picture, and submit the rebate. I have earned hundreds of dollars in rebates from Ibotta and all rebates are paid through Paypal. If you use my referral code, qffkbsh we will both get a referral bonus. Think of it as a free $10.00 from me to you!!

If you want to read my review of Ibotta, follow this link.

Mobee – My secret shopping go to App. With over 560 secret shops for Mobee, I can say without hesitation, I love this App! Use my referral code, RGTB and we will both get a $3.00 bonus!

You can also read more about Mobee thoughts and successes through this link.

Shopkick– I love to get paid for just walking into stores. And, Shopkick pays me to that. This has been one of my staple rebate apps since I downloaded it. Use my referral code, COOL557908, and we will both get 250 “kicks.”

You can read more about Shopkick and my success through this link.

Job Spotter – I love this app! All I do is snap two photos and I get paid! By far, the easiest of the apps I use. There is no referral bonus, but, you can thank me later!

You can read my updated Job Spotter review through this link.

Fetch Rewards– A really enjoyable app that offers coupons and rebates for a variety of products. Simply scan the receipt for the selected item and money is rebated into your account. Use my Fetch Rewards referral code, NC9EP, for a 2,000 point ($2.00) referral bonus.

Uber – I have reallygrown fond of Uber and use them repeatedly when I’m in the Twin Cities. If you need a free ride, use my referral code, ericw21190ue, and give them a try.

Fiverr – What do all successful business men (and women) have in common? They make use of great talent wherever they find them. Fiverr allows me to do just that and outsource my business needs in the form of ‘gigs’ around the world! The vast majority starting at only $5.00.

Many aspects of Average Joe Arbitrage’s success can be accredited to Fiverr. And, if you need something, I encourage you to try them out. In fact, if you would like a FREE gig, I can refer one to YOU! Just email me and I will refer you to Fiverr!

Business Motivation and Insite

When Average Joe needs some business insite, motivation or inspiration these are the sources I go to;

Grant Cardone – Grant Cardone is the Drill Sergeant of business motivation. No rainbows and unicorns here. Just Grant telling you plain and simply, you gotta be motivated, you have to work 25 hours a day and you better take responsibility for your business. I love it!

Grant is my go to source for a kick in the ass each month. I prefer his audiobooks which are narrated by Grant himself. These are well worth the investment!

Chris Guillebeau – One of the original travel hackers, Chris is on a mission to help the average person improve on many levels. His Side Hustle podcast is utterly fascinating and I listen to on many of my frequent drives.

Tim Ferris – One of the original life hackers, Tim is a go to source for me on many topics; personal improvement, business hacking, and travel hacking. I have listened to him for hundreds of hours; some of his podcasts many, many, multiple times. I use his books as a go to reference source for improving my game.