Secret Shopping Average Joe Style!

I am a secret shopper. I believe it is a valuable way to generate a secondary income that augments my primary income(s). And, more importantly, it gets me out of the house and on the prowl for arbitrage opportunities.

I use a multitude of secret shopping services. Some I truly believe in, others, I won’t go back to.

I like focus on tbose shopping services where I do not have to spend much time at the store, my overhead cost of the shop is minimal (if it involves a purchase) and my opportunity to create a second arbitrage opportunity exists.

I have several secret shop Apps/companies that I believe in and I will share my experiences with the Average Joes who may or may not want to participate.

My first secret shopper app, and one that I have done over 400 different shops with (as of this writing) is Mobee.

With Mobee, I do not make a lot of money per shop. But, I do make good money over the course of a year. I set a personal goal of $500.00 per year. And, I leave it for one big blow out a year.

Which for me is vacation time!

On average, each shop takes about fifteen minutes. I make on average about $2.00 per shop (it fluctuates with a number of factors).  It is not a ton of money. But would a few extra dollars help you? Think of it as a free gallon of gas when you go shopping, or save it up for an extra nice Christmas or a most excellent summer vacation.

Use my referral code RGTB and we will both get a small bonus on your first shop!

Article Updates…

Hawaii 2017 – I cashed out $600.00 in Mobee rewards to help offset my trip to Hawaii. No matter how you slice it, that was a great help for a great vacation. Thanks Mobee!