Job Spotter: An Average Joe Review

Alright Average Joes, I have been using the app, Job Spotter for about two weeks. I have done 14 Job Spotter “gigs” and have accumulated enough experience with the app that I can now give you an educated and honest report on the app and service:

The Service- Job Spotter is an online platform that allows job seekers a portal to go and search for jobs within their community. You, are the eyes and ears of the company; finding companies that are in need of help. The catch is that the company is looking for those business that are posting physical “help wanted” signs in front of their business. Not online ads. Not word of mouth advertising. But, physical, help wanted signs that you can photograph and upload into the company’s database.

Ease of Use- This is the easiest money making app I have ever used!  Two photographs; one of the help wanted sign and one of the store front and that is it. Use the app, you simply take the two photos and the app uploads them into the Job Spotter database and you are done.  Of my fourteen shops, I would say on average, my length of time taking the photos is under one minute. Seriously, it is that quick and easy!

Pay Outs- Okay, Job Spotter pays outs are on the weak side. For example, for one help wanted sign I got six cents. Another, I got five cents.  However, be forewarned, these were rather common stores (Dollar General and Finish Line) with ongoing job recruiting signs that seem permanently affix to their storefronts. Now, for more unique stores, such as the Lost Island Waterpark, I received sixty-four cents, a Sears I received thirty-four cents, and a local bar, with a handwritten help wanted sign, I received seventy-four cents. Not a lot of money. Period. But, it is FREE MONEY there for the taking!

That said, the company notes that on the high end, it will pay up to $1.50 for unique jobs within a community. I suspect that is probably something akin to finding a white whale.

For the fourteen Job Spotters that I did, I earned a total of $4.63. However, I might have only spent 10 minutes doing the photographs as I was already walking into or by the store. At no time did I go out of my way to find these help wanted signs. They were already posted to establishments that I was previously going to for another reason, such as to have dinner, walk the mall for exercise, or buy a pair of shoes.

The company pays out in Amazon Gift cards. Which seems to be the only choice that it offers. So, if you do not do Amazon, this gig may not be for you. I have not requested my payout yet, so I cannot report back on that aspect of the service.

Processing Time- Job Spotter seems slow on the payouts. I would take a photo and it could be days before it was approved. That was the one noted downfall of the app, and hopefully it will improve. But, no job was discounted. I was paid for all fourteen shops. Now, it is possible some gigs will not be paid. But, I thought some of mine would not be paid, and they were. So, just a heads up there.

Is it Worth It- Earning $4.63 for 10 minutes work (times six ten minute segments in a day) equates into $27.78 per hour at my current rate of activity. That is good money!  As I noted, I never went out of my way to find these stores that were hiring. They were already on my way as I was walking into the specific store for other business.

I would give this gig a hearty Average Joe seal of approval! If you are looking to make a few extra dollars without going out of your way, this is the gig for you!

Let me hear from you how Job Spotter is working for you!

Author’s Note- As of December 10th, I have earned over $200.00 with Job Spotter! I highly recommend this app to everyone!