Job Spotter 2.0; Still The Easiest Money App Ever!

You can work hard, or you can work smart.

Here at Average Joe, we like to work easy. And, Job Spotters by Indeed is the easiest money you can make. Period. How easy? Do you like to shop? Can you take two photographs? Well, you’re qualified.

As of this writing, Average Joe has earned over $500.00* doing Job Spotters. Doing what he likes to do best; wandering about town seeing the sights, finding businesses in need of help and snapping photos of those help wanted signs. I wrote a review of Job Spotter earlier, but, even I did not know it would be this easy and so fun.

I even created a little video to show some examples –

Average Joe does not make a lot of money for each Help Wanted photo. Anywhere from $.05 cents (yes, a nickel) to a little over a $1.00 per help wanted signs. Job Spotter advises they will pay up to $1.50 per Help Wanted sign, however, I have yet to find one of those rare high dollar Help Wanted beauties. I assume that the $1.50 Help Wanted sign is about as common as the three legendary Pokemon Go birds; the Articuno, the Zapdos or even the rarest, the Moltres.

Yes, it is not much money, I agree. So, I just take lots and lots of photos. And, I accumulate lots and lots of coins.

And, snapping photos is fun!

I promise you it is easy money. And, once you start taking those photos, you will have more fun snapping those Help Wanted signs than you will playing Pokemon Go.

If you want to make Job Spotters profitable, here are a few tips:

    1. Help Wanted Signs – With record low unemployment abounding, more and more companies are posting help wanted signs on their doors, walls and marquee signs. These Help Wanted signs are your golden ticket. Take a picture of every help wanted sign and photo of the business and submit them to Job Spotter to earn your free money. Let Job Spotter’s algorithm be the judge if the sign is worthy or not. You just enjoy your prize money!
    1. Walk the Plaza’s – Look around for a Walmart, Target, or your nearest shopping mall. Get out and walk those plazas. You will be amazed at how many help wanted signs you find plastered to the doors and the entrances of the stores. Go where the stores are, that is where you will find those precious Help Wanted signs.
    1. Go To Different Places – Get out of your shopping habits and go wander around places you do not normally go to. See different stores. Get gas at different gas stations. Eat at different restaurants. Check the industrial areas. Help Wanted signs are everywhere.
    1. Less is More – Believe it or not, those hand drawn signs advertising a Help Wanted position that you see at the local watering holes, diners, and mom and pop bodegas, I seem to get the most money for those. Those professional Help Wanted signs at Target or Walmart, I don’t get much money for those. But, never pass up a help wanted sign. Even those you think you’re not going to get much for, those signs are the ones that will surprise you.

Now, get out there and snap those photos and make some cold hard cash!

* Author Note – This amount is as of January, 2019.

If you want to start snapping Help Wanted signs, follow this link or one of the links in the article. If you need other ideas, make sure you follow Average Joe Arbitrage, and peruse the blog for more ideas on how you can help yourself.

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