Shopkick: This App Rewards You for Shopping

The Shopkick app is another great way to start earning money for your already existing shopping habits.

Do you like to shop at Target? Boom, there is 25 “kicks” for just walking into the store!

Do you like to shop at Best Buy? How about another 25 “kicks” for walking into that store!

You don’t even have to buy anything, you are just walking into the store, checking out the merchandise and thinking about buying. And, the list of participating stores is quite extensive.

What is a Shopkick ‘Kick’?

Let’s define what a Shopkick “kick” is. A kick is unit of reward in the Shopkick world. But, a kick does not equate into a monetary unit, like a penny, on a one to one basis. This is where it gets a little confusing for people.

Let’s say you wanted to redeem your “kicks” for a gift card. I shop at Target and that is where I usually spend all of my rewards money. A $10.00 Target reward card would cost me 2,500 “kicks.”

There are varying other reward amounts, I just happen to like $10.00 denominations, when I redeem my rewards.

A $2.00 Target gift card is 500 “kicks”.

A $5.00 target gift card is 1,250 “kicks”.

And, the rewards continue to vary with different denominations.

Getting Your ‘Kicks’ (And, Staying off of Route 66).

One reason I LOVE my Shopkick app is that they afford multiple ways to earn your “kicks”. Or, is business parlance, you have a variety of revenue streams. These include-

Walking into Stores – Shopkick has multiple retailers that they work with you where you do not have to buy a single thing. You simply walk into the store, activate your Shopkick app and you are rewarded for going into the place of business. Some of these stores, at the time of this writing, include; Target, Walmart and Best Buy. Now, the rewards are not much, you might earn just 25 “kicks”, but this is free money for doing something you were already going to do!

Scanning Barcodes – Have you ever stopped to pick up an item, checked it out, read the package, tried it on? Well, Shopkick has many items that all you have to do is scan the package barcode and you will be rewarded ‘kicks’ for doing so. For example, at my local Target, you can earn, 300 kicks just for scanning barcodes. No purchase required!

Scanning Receipts – Many retailers offer coupons or “kicks” for their product purchases using the Shopkick platform. Recently, I bought some Jif Peanut Butter. I earned 30 “kicks” just for scanning the barcode and I earned 150 kicks for my purchase. A total of 180 “kicks” for something I was already going to buy.

Shopkick Discover – At the bottom of the app, is a book like icon. Tapping on that icon allows you to access a number of home décor ideas, cooking ideas, and fashion ideas blog posts. Mixed into these blog posts are a number of ads placed by retailers. If you watch one of these ads, you can pick up a few more “kicks”. Late at night or early in the morning if I am bored, I will watch these and pick up some simple ‘kicks’ just for doing this. And, these ads are actually pretty interesting.

Shopkick Stores and Offers – This is where the “big kicks” start coming in. Shopkick works with retailers and offers ‘kicks’ if you make a purchase either through their app or by activating the app at checkout and having the clerk scan an appropriate code.  These purchase “kicks” are where you begin to make serious “kicks”.

For example, Apple has 2 “kicks” per $1.00 spent. That is a pretty good reward considering Apple does not like to rebate or discount their products. Even better, is Groupon’s 6 “kicks” per $1.00 spent. That is a nice kickback for something you were already going to do like go out to eat dinner or take in a show.

Avg Joe
$37.00 in Shopkick rewards redeemed in Hawaii.

I like to save my Shopkick rewards for a nice adventure. For example, when me and Ms. Joe went to Hawaii, we went to the local Target and started cashing in our ‘kicks’ for gift cards which we used just like cash at checkout. Did this make a big difference on our trip? You bet it did! $37.00 worth of “kicks” were redeemed that morning. And, that was after only a couple of months of using the app. AND, we did not purchase ANYTHING during that time frame as we were learning the app!

Trust me, we are believers in this app and we use our Shopkick app all the time now! We are going get some serious “kicks” before our next adventure.

I have hot linked the Shopkick app if you want to give it a try. And, if you use my referral code, COOL557908, we will both get 250 “kicks” if you use the app within 7 days of joining!

That’s free kicks from me to you and from you to me!