When Side Hustle Guru Talks; Average Joe Listens

When your job means you are “just over broke;” it is time to get our side hustle on!

Okay Average Joes, if you are working for the boss man or boss lady, chances are you are wondering how do “I make some extra money to supplement my income.” Chances are you need a side hustle. A side gig that you use to supplement your income, until such time as you find your real purpose in life and can break out of the normal daily grind.

Average Joe here has always believed in the side hustle; part-time jobs, owning a side business, secret shopping; whatever it takes to get those precious extra dollars so I can continue on with my adventures. Well, this blog post is about helping you to getting your side hustle on. And, I want to turn you on to one of my favorite podcasts for getting your side hustle on, and it is apply named, the Side Hustle School.

Side Hustle School was founded by Chris Guillebeau, who achieved fame for having visits all 193 countries on Earth. Which is no easy feat within itself. Chris is an author, traveler, blogger savant. When Average Joes needs ideas, he turns to Chris and his Side Hustle School podcast.

Chris Guillebeau

The beauty of Side Hustle School is each podcast is only about 15 minutes in length; mostly less. A quick and easy listen about someone who is making money on the side doing something they actually like doing. Not something they have to do, like going to work.

For example, a terrarium builder makes an extra $600.00 a month building terrariums. A “cosplay” photographer picks up an extra $47,000.00 photographing at Cosplay events. A blogger is making $80,000.00 plus extra a year, blogging. The ideas and the ways people make money go on and on and are guaranteed to give you food for thought.

Chris loads a new podcast daily, highlighting someone just like you, who is thinking outside of the box, explains with his low key delivery voice on how they are actually making those extra dollars and sometimes how on occasion someone is even making very substantial extra money. Chris explains these side hustlers’ business mechanics and fundamentals, which are for the most part repeatable to your local community and for which you can customize with your particular flair.

For instance, I bet you could bake and delivery cookies to your community. You could organize a karaoke competition. You could even tutor kids. The only limit is your imagination.

I encourage everyone to tune into Side Hustle School, listen to one podcast and you will see how and why Average Joe became Side Hustle School’s biggest fan. And, when I say biggest fan to date, I mean, I am a pretty big guy!

Hey, if you have a side hustle, I would love to hear about it from you and how it is working for you!