10 Apps That Make Money in Puerto Rico

I am loving my stay in Puerto Rico. This is truly a beautiful place, with wonderful people, and an amazing culture. But, as all my Average Joes know, I am always on the prowl to make extra money. Lots of extra money! And, if I am not making money, I better be saving money. So, I have been testing and using all of my apps down here and found some that work, while others do not. I thought I would share my experiences for those who are living here and for those who are coming down for a fabulous vacation and still want to make a little side change.

Overlooking the historic cemetery.

Here is my Puerto Rico extra money recap-

Job Spotters – The Puerto Rican unemployment is north of 9%, so, it is hard to find Help Wanted signs, but they are out there. And, Puerto Rican Job Spotters pay great! When I do find them, I average about $1.00 per Help Wanted Sign. Job Spotter is still the easiest app out there, take two pictures and you’re done! Job Spotter does not have a referral code, so, just download, and get out there and start taking pictures. You can thank me later!

Ibotta – Still my number one grocery saving app, Ibotta has not let me down here on the island. The one tricky thing is a lot of my favorite retailers are not here. So, I have focused my Ibotta’s with Walmart, Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy. Here is a heads up, watch for the Bacardi Rums to go on sale (Bacardi is produced on the island), and you can buy a bottle for about $10.00. Use your Bacardi Ibotta rebates of $2.00 to $3.00 and you are getting a bottle of rum for about $8.00. That is a sweet bargain! My referral code – qffkbsh

Fetch – Fetch fails me not! However, with a limited number of American retailers, finding products in the Fetch queue can be a little harder. But, there are some that are out there. And, I am always loving those rebates! My referral code – NC9EP

Receipt Hog – Oh my Receipt Hog, my Receipt Hog, how I love to feed you receipts. I have found that a number of my Puerto Rican receipts are not being accepted. But, if you go with a known retailer like CVS, Walgreens or Walmart there is no issue. So, just be prepared to experiment a little and expect a few “receipt not accepted.” My referral code – stim9042

Retail Me Not – I have had a little trouble with this one. Some coupons and rebates are being accepted, some are not. I recently received a $10.00 rebate from Walgreens, but then a restaurant would not accept my free appetizer coupon. You will have to experiment. Just don’t get upset if things don’t work.

FanDuel – I love fantasy football. I mean, I really LOVE it. But, once my cell phone signal got picked up by the Puerto Rico cell towers that I am here on the island, I was blocked from placing my bets. The same thing happened in the Bahamas. I may be out for the season if I don’t figure out a work around.

Dabbl – This is a newer app that I am experimenting with. I watch a commercial and get paid a nickel. Not much, but, if I got nothing else going on, I will watch a few commercials.

My referral code – hPqqgASRHRSeynXt9

DropAnother newer app I am experimenting with, I am finding some rebates through Drop, but not many. Again, I have to stick with the major retailers, like Walgreens or Starbucks for a Drop rebate to kick in. My referral code – 2qk8Y

Uber – Uber is alive and well in Puerto Rico and I have had great results here. Use your Uber credit card and get those rebates! And, trust me, you are better off just Ubering around San Juan. Parking and traffic are atrocious, and many traffic lights are still out from Hurricane Maria.

My referral code – ericw21190ue

Lyft – Lyft is not operational on the island. If you are car sharing fanatic, prepare to use Uber.

Shopkick – Oh, I love my Shopkick. I mean, I just love getting paid to window shop! But, here in Puerto Rico, I am having trouble finding participating retailers. Some of the few that are here are Marshalls, Best Buy, and Walmart. My referral code – COOL557908

Mobee – My number one go to app for making more money, they do not seem to have any shops down here in Puerto Rico. I contacted customer service and they advised they do have shops on occasion. So, I keep checking and hoping. My referral code – RGTB

DO$H – Again, very limited stores participating within the DO$H framework here on the island; Sam’s Club, World Market and Forever 21 are the only ones here participating.

My referral code – tEW72PA50P

Food Related – As for my food apps, I have number of apps that I use that I am able to just get crazy good deals with. I can often eat for only $2.00. It may not be Whole Foods, but, a $2.00 lunch is still a winner in my book!

However, none of my national restaurant apps are being honored here on the Island. When I present the rebates and coupons they keep being rejected, I hear, “that’s not a Puerto Rico based coupon.” And, that is the end of that arbitrage deal.

And, I have YET to find these Puerto Rico coupons that they keep telling me about.

I even asked my hotel for some restaurant coupons, and all they had was two coupons for off property. Two! There must be a hundred restaurants within walking distance of me, but no one seems to have heard of couponing.

In Summary – The average income here on the Island is less than $25,000.00. Almost 40% of the residents live in poverty. It is frustrating that as an Average Joe who loves to espouse the importance of couponing, rebates, and arbitrage that for a group of people who really, really need money saving opportunities, they are being excluded from these opportunities based on their regional locality and the local companies unwillingness to engage in accepting otherwise nationally accepted coupons and rebates that draw in customers.

I Need You – If you want to use these Apps and make some coin for yourself, could you use my referral codes? Each time you use a referral code, I make a dollar or two. It helps me out, you will get a referral bonus, and we will both be happier with a little more coin in our pockets!