3 Apps That Will Pay You To Get Your Sweat On

Okay Average Joes, here is a simple way to make some extra money. And, all you got to do is sweat a bit. Now, I know that sounds like a real job, but trust me, this is the fun kind of sweating. The sweating where you are out playing football, shooting hoops with your buds, or if you are like me, taking our canine best friend for a long walk.


I have three app recommendations (that I use personally) for you that will put some real money into your pocket while you are losing weight and getting healthier:

StepBet – This is a fun competition where you ante up $40.00 to participate in a group step challenge. In my current challenge, I have 40 people competing for a share of $40,000.00. The challenge lasts six weeks. Each week StepBet assigns you a set of goals to reach; two “power days” were you have to push yourself a bit further and four days of “active days;” mildly active days.

You get one day off for rain or rest. If you do not make your goals, you drop out of the challenge, and your $40.00 is divided among the “winners.” Thus, the pot is potentially very lucrative. Hypothetically, if everyone but me dropped out of my challenge, and I met all my goals, I could win $40,000.00. That has got my attention!

To compete, you simply sync the app with a step counter, I use Fitbit. Each day I have to walk about 12,000 steps on my “Active days” and 14,500 on my “Power days.” This is about what I walk normally.

This app really plays into my competitive nature and I am really enjoying it. Susanne, who recommended the App to Average Joe used it extensively and found she always won money with it (about $10.00 extra as well as getting her initial $40.00 back).

With the 6 week game cycles, you could compete 8 times a year. Possibly earning about $80.00 based on Susanne’s experience. The game does have a “professional” membership, where you can compete in more than one game at a time. I will have to update you all on that one.

Achievement – This is a simple app that you simply sync with your step counter, I use Fitbit. The app simply monitors your physical activity to include your food intake, water intake, sleep and physical activity. It then calculates out reward points for your collective activity. For example, I earn about 60 points a day for my normal activity. The app also offers health related surveys you can compete for extra points. Every 10,000 points equals a $10.00 payout.

So, with my normal physical activity, I figure I will earn $10.00 every 5-6 months. Or, $20.00 per year. It is not much, but it is free money just for doing what I need to be doing!

SweatcoinThis is a fun app that combines sweating with their own brand cryptocurrency. Like the first two, download the app and sync it with a step counter. Each 1,000 steps equals a Stepcoin. You can then accumulate the Stepcoins and redeem them within their marketplace for goods.

Now, what really impresses me, is a secondary market for Stepcoins has formed up and I am seeing people who are willing to buy them for $.02 a coin. On average I earn about 14 coins a day so if I wanted to sell them, this would equate into 14 coins x $.02 = $.28 cents a day x 30 days = $8.40 a month or $100.00 a year. Personally, I am holding out for some in gift cards to Starbucks.

Sweatcoin does have a referral bonus! If you use my referral code, we will both get 5 Sweatcoins.

Eric’s Sweatcoin referral code is eric901108


So, there you have it. A potential of an extra $200.00 per year for getting your sweat on. And, if you are really active, a lot more!

Do you have any good apps for making money? Send them over to me so I can test them out!

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This post is Bandit approved; Bandit, my walking buddy