Ibotta: My Second Go To Shopping App!

An app that is fast becoming my favorite Average Joe Arbitrage app when shopping is one called ibotta.

This is essentially a couponing/rebate app, and for those of us who love coupons (rebates), but hate cutting them out and carrying them, around this is the go to app for you.

Now, whenever I ever go shopping, I check this app with the store I am walking into. I target those household goods that I need or want, pick them up, then scan away at the store as I fill my cart with the goodies. Then after I make the purchase, I take a photograph of the receipt with the App, and within 24 hours cha-ching, rebate money is deposited into my account.

Ibotta rebates for drinks in restaurants? You betcha!

A unique feature about this app is they have rebates for alcohol. And, lots of them! Which, is generally unheard of in the printed world.  I have bought many of my favorite alcohols (beer and liquor) here and pocketed a very nice rebate. For example, as I write this post, I am drinking a very tasty Irish whiskey which I bought and using Ibotta. My reward for the purchase, besides being introduced to a new whiskey,  I got a $5.00 rebate!

Not Just Food and Wine

Amazon, Uber, Champs, Target and many other major corporations now use Ibotta to promote sales, offers and promotions. For example –

Uber (as of recent) is offering $0.75 back on rides when the Uber app is launched through the Ibotta app. I use Uber for my overseas travel and have scored serious rebates using this app.

Amazon is offering up to 10% back on purchases. A great Christmas gift to me!

Champs – I recently got back $10.00 on a great pair of tennis shoes.

Total to Cash rebates to Date

As of January 2019, I have earned over $754.00!

Drink beer? Don’t pay retail! Use the Ibotta app for serious rebates!

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You make $10.00 and I make $5.00. Then, when you fall in love with the app like I have, share with your own Average Joe’s and help them make $10.00 while you pocket a quick $5.00.

You gotta  share the Average Joe love!

 Article Updates…

Ibotta Trip Update – Hawaii 2017, Mrs. Joe and myself used over $500.00 earned from Ibotta rebates for our trip to Disney’s Aulani!  That was some serious rebates! Thanks Ibotta!!!!!!

Disney’s Aulani; looking over the cove.

Ibotta Trip Update – Hawaii 2018, I redeemed $500.00 for our trip to Maui. That was just what I had earned in Ibotta rebates. I told Mrs. Joe to keep her money for herself.

Maui 2018; You could be here!