Marriott’s Spring Bonus 2017.

Marriott Hotels has announced their Spring Bonus and it is a little different; but anytime us Average Joes can get those extra hotel points, what the hey, I am all in. This spring they are using a graduated bonus points payout offering three levels of points/participation:

Double Points: For your first three stays, you get double points. This payout seems a little frustrating because those who stay on the high end resorts and are paying top dollar, get the bigger payout, versus those who stay in a more economical hotel to save money. But, okay I get it, Marriott is rewarding their high end customers.  I can respect that.

Additional Nights: Go past your first three stays and now Marriott is rewarding you based on the number of specific stays; A more traditional reward systems.  For example, stay another 20 nights (or part thereof), and Marriott is offering you an additional 30,000 points. A generous payout of 1,500 points per night.

Even More Nights: Go past your 20 nights in the level two reward, and now you can pick up another 15,000 points for another 15 stays.  For a possible reward of an additional 15,000 points.

Just remember to register for your rewards by March 15, 2017. Marriott likes to cap these reward participation windows and you need to sign up or be left out in the cold (no pun intended).

So get out, go somewhere, and have a good time! Stay in a Marriott and pick yourself up a few bonus points! Remember all those points add up!

I just checked my account balance and for this Spring Award, this Average Joe has already picked up an extra 43,000 points.  Not a bad little chunk of points!

Thanks Marriott!  4,901 nights and counting!